Research Projects

The completed/ongoing/future projects are:

  • Change Detection in Multiple Ground Images Made From Small Aircraft

  • MRA Based Interactive 3D Path Finding & Analysis of Blood Vessels for Diagnosis of Cerebrovascular Diseases

  • Real Time Traffic Congestion Avoidance Based Navigation Service and SatNav System Using Indian NAVIC

  • Low Computing – Machine Learning Based Rainfall Prediction Model to be Deployed in Cloud

  • Waste Segregation and Recycling

  • Automated System for Collecting, Distributing and Track of Information in News Papers

  • Secure IoT based Fog Centric Architecture for Healthcare

  • Machine Learning Based Adaptive Framework for Logistic Planning in Industry 4.0

  • Low Computing - Machine Learning based Rainfall Prediction Model to be deployed in Cloud

  • Real-Time Traffic Congestion Avoidance based Navigation Service

  • Interactive Path Finding & Analysis of Blood Vessels for Diagnosis of Cerebrovascular Diseases.

  • Enhancing K-means using Unsupervised Learning by PSO Algorithm

  • Cryptography Based Security Framework for Cloud Computing using Artificial Neural Network

  • Automated Mutation Test Data Generation for Aspect Oriented Programs

  • Automated Regression Test Case Generation and Prioritization for Web Applications to Reduce the Testing Cost

  • A relative study of Fourier Transform and DWT: Application and Advantages

  • Content-Based Image Retrieval

  • Texture Image Retrieval Based on Block Level Directional Local Extrema Patterns Using Tetrolet Transform