Consilio InQubate for India-International Partnership

CONSILIO InQubate is a new breed of consulting with a fresh approach to your business expansion needs. Conceived through simple founding principals of international expansion and accelerated revenue growth services to aid the breakthrough and expansion into international markets while keeping a keen eye on the costs vs revenue dynamic.

We bring a unique blend of management skills, industry insight, business experience and visionary leadership to InQubate international companies and their offerings providing turn-key services and solutions to the worlds ever growing business requirements.

CONSILIO InQubate provides a platform for aspiring and innovative startups to make their dreams happen. We support individuals and organizations in their entrepreneurial pursuits through a range of activities and services.

What you have:

A great idea that solves a problem and is commercializable.

What we provide:

  • Funding support for startups

  • Infrastructure (physical space, computers, Internet access, etc.)

  • Mentoring of leadership and management

  • Business strategy and go-to-market strategies

  • Match-making with venture capitalists/angel investors

  • Intellectual property (IP) advisory services

  • Legal advisory service

Interested persons, please send a brief profile / write-up to InQubate team at We look forward to working with you.