About Consilio

Consilio Research Labs is a platform well known for IOT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing Services. We add value to our clients by continually staying in touch with them, listening to them and in the process improving our offerings.

Consilio Research Labs is a one stop organization that provides IOT, Machine Learning, AI and Cloud Computing based Services in Pan India. It provides services with full potential of pattern recognition, learning theory of computation, self-optimizing and nature-inspired algorithms to the fullest advantage of its consumers, providing tailor-made (IOT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing) services and solutions.

Consilio Research Labs helps you in putting your data to best use by creating Artificial Intelligence backend applications customized as per your needs that can be easily integrated into your existing product. It is an Artificial Intelligence Research Lab in India using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IOT, Cloud Computing as a Service, Data Science and Natural Language Processing to give accurate results. Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence based on idea that machines should be able to self-learn and adapt according to the experience.

CONSILIO is a team of Researchers, Scientists, Developers, Data Science Experts, Academicians, and Industry persons working in the areas of Cloud Computing, AI, Machine Learning and IOT.

CONSILIO aims to develop the science of autonomy toward a future with Machine and AI systems integrated into everyday life, supporting people with cognitive and daily tasks.

CONSILIO goal is to create technology that will make possible for everyone in the world to interact with computers via natural spoken language.