Knowledge Internships

Think Big. Build Your Internship Program with CONSILIO Knowledge Internship.

Whether you’re looking to build a new international internship program from scratch or use an existing framework, adding an international internship program to your campus is easier than you think. You’ve got a goal and a plan, we’ve got the on-site relationships, operations, local expertise; and we can bring them both together to build a sustainable program meeting your academic and institutional goals.

Our partners in higher education trust us. We value trust above all else. Our partnership with an university is based on providing you the global on-site expertise and 24/7 support every step of the way, which you and your students need. We work closely with our partners to ensure their institutional goals are met at all levels. Consilio Knowledge Internship is actively involved with the global education community by supporting the Global Internship Conference.

Ready to get started? Our team is there for you from the very beginning to guarantee your program’s success and to put your mind at ease. You’ll work personally with Pratishtha, our Director of Collaboration and Research who will be at your side from the start to make sure that your experience is enriching and we’ll help support any unexpected pathways that may occur. Pratishtha is an expert at handling the unexpected.

Top Benefits for the University

  • Attractive international profile to your degree offering
  • Prepare your students for the ultra competitive world upon graduation
  • Profile your university in the most exciting, fast-paced cities in the world
  • With offices around the world, we bring our expertise with enormous out reach and have experienced local staff in all our program locations

Top Benefits for the Faculty / Students

  • Potential employment by the host company and a top CV that stands out from the crowd
  • Internships abroad allow students to observe international business practices and expand their professional network
  • Professional development through the internship and Career Speaker Series with leading industry experts
  • Students develop professional skills, language skills, and apply academic studies to practice
  • Student will work with subject experts in International Universities.
  • Faculty can initiate the research work in collaboration with the subjects experts.