The staff within CIR Lab will demonstrate the following values as they conduct their day to day activities

  • We value creativity and innovation.

  • We value respect, passion, curiosity, and collaboration.

  • We value world-class service and lifelong learning.

  • We value inclusion, diversity, and equity.

  • We value integrity and respect.

  • We value high intellectual, professional, and ethical standards.

  • We value the success of our members and of our team.

  • We value the ensuring of timely mission execution through scientific, operational, and business excellence.

  • We value to acquire the research skills pertinent to the profession;

  • We value to exhibit competence in responsible decision-making;

  • We value to utilize rich ideas and experiences in the conduct of useful researches in the quest for fact, truth and wisdom;

  • We value to deal with needs, issues and concerns that affect the community and environment; and

  • We value to disseminate and implement research findings that respond positively to diverse phenomena.