Research Collaborations for Funds

The Honourable Prime Minister of India has always held the view that research shall be socially relevant. Innovative research and new technology development through industry-academia partnership may pursue, Identify and select themes of national importance and challenge for technology development and can provide complete system engineering solution and generate large scale employment.

To support this initiative CONSILIO aims at supporting all the research innovation by way of providing funds / scholarship to those aspirant technocrats and innovators from private institutions, who are working in their respective fields. CONSILIO invites their research work and based on the selection criteria and certain parameters of their research work helps them in funding. The Key to approach such objective is to forge formidable and effective partnership between industry and academia with mutual trust and dependence, Identify domains and themes, hold wide discussion, define the scope/objective to create an eco-system that will enable the industry depend on academia for technology solutions, and even seek advice / guidance for future Closer interaction between Academia and Industry.

This initiate serves to establish collaborative relationships between international partners. Researchers can sound out the opportunities for international collaboration or prepare a concrete joint research project. The programme funds bilateral workshops, trips abroad and guest visits.